EGS Collab Project

The EGS Collab (a.k.a. SIGMA-V) project is a collaborative, experimental suite of intermediate-scale (~10-20 m) field test beds, coupled with stimulation and interwell flow tests. As a stepping-stone between laboratories and full-scale EGS technology tests, the EGS Collab project conducts mid-scale experiments a mile underground in the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), a repurposed gold mine in Lead, South Dakota.

NREL assists the large project by providing a secure, collaborative data management platform. The Data Foundry platform allows the many organizations involved to collaborate on project data, while conforming to DOE cyber security and data provenance guidelines. Based in OpenEI's DOE-approved, secure cloud environment, the Data Foundry is home to millions of files and terabytes of data. The platform is accessed daily by researchers from the Department of Energy, dozens of universities and private organizations.

The EGS Collab research team consists of scientists and engineers from nine US DOE National Laboratories (LBNL, SNL, LLNL, PNNL, INL, LANL, NREL, ORNL, and NETL), seven universities (Stanford University, the University of Wisconsin, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, the University of Oklahoma, Penn State University, the Colorado School of Mines, and Rice University), and two companies (McClure Geomechanics, LLC and TDoeGeo Rock Fracture Consulting).

EGS Collab Data

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Location of EGS Collab testbeds within the SURF
EGS Collab Testbeds, below the Yates/Ross Shafts
Locations of the EGS Collab testbed, Yates Shaft, and Ross Shaft.
EGS Collab (SIGMA-V) borehole locations at 4850
Location of the EGS Collab/SIGMA-V boreholes
Researchers inside the EGS Collab mine
EGS Collab researchers working inside the mine.

Project Updates and Reports

EGS Collab Wiki

An extensive overview of the EGS Collab project that includes detailed metadata and information for each of the project's three experiments, shift reports, core logs, and a list of papers.

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Geothermal Technologies Office

In early 2017, the DOE's GTO began funding work on longer-term, transformational Enhanced Geothermal Systems. The EGS Collab began, establishing a collaborative experimental and model comparison initiative.

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The EGS Collab Project: Learnings from Experiment 1

Dr. Timothy Kneafsey's 2020 report on the EGS Collab project, presented at the 45th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

View 2020 SGW Report

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