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Geothermal Data Repository

The Geothermal Data Repository (GDR) is the submission point for all data collected from researchers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Geothermal Technologies Office. More Information.

Submit data

The Geothermal Data Repository (GDR) has been established to securely house data based on individual timelines, some of which have identified a specific release date. Please note:

  1. All GDR data will eventually be made available to the public.
  2. Data not intended for eventual public release should not be uploaded to the GDR.

You must create an OpenEI account or login to submit data.

If you have questions about this data submission process, please contact GDR Help.

What's new?

Coming Soon
The GDR team is work hard to bring you a refined submissions process. Due to be completed within the next month, the new submission process will allow users to save a submission in progress, to work on it at their convenience and submit at a later time.
-The GDR Team

Upcoming Training Sessions

EGS Submission Training
The next GDR Submission Training will focus on submissions for EGS projects and will be held on a date TBD in March, 2017.
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Webinar; limited to the first 25 participants.