The Utah FORGE (Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy) laboratory, near Milford, Utah, comprises a large volume of hot crystalline granite between two deep directionally drilled wells at around 8000 feet depth below the surface. FORGE scientists and engineers work to develop, test, and accelerate breakthroughs in enhanced geothermal system (EGS) technologies and techniques, including the initialization and continuation of fracture networks in basement rock formations.

NREL provides a secure, collaborative data management platform to the Utah FORGE researchers. The Data Foundry platform allows the many organizations involved to collaborate on project data, while conforming to DOE cyber security and data provenance guidelines. Based in OpenEI's DOE-approved, secure cloud environment, the Data Foundry is home to millions of files and terabytes of data. The platform is accessed daily by researchers from the Department of Energy, dozens of universities and private organizations.

The Utah FORGE research team is led by the University of Utah's Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI), with scientists and engineers from Utah Geological Survey, Geothermal Resources Group, Temple University, Smithfield Foods, Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands, US Geological Survey, Idaho National Laboratory, and private consultants.

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Interpret data with caution: Micoseismic event locations have a very high uncertainty.

Well Stimulation Data


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Site Microseismic Events


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Project Updates and Reports


Utah FORGE is a dedicated underground field laboratory sponsored by DOE. The lab is located near the town of Milford in Beaver County, Utah, on the western flank of the Mineral Mountains.

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Geothermal Technologies Office

The Energy Department envisions FORGE as a dedicated site where scientists and engineers will be able to develop, test, and accelerate breakthroughs in enhanced geothermal system technologies.


Stanford Geothermal Workshop

Dr. Joseph Moore's summary report on Utah FORGE, presented at the 44th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, at Stanford University, in Stanford, California, February 11-13, 2019

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Utah FORGE and the Geothermal Data Repository





(this year)

169.74 GB

of FORGE Data

SubmissionidSubmittedDownloads Last MonthDownloads This YearResourcesSizeStatus
Utah FORGE: Great Basin Groundwater Geochemical Database69602/29/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well and Spring Chemistry69702/29/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Temperature Gradient Database69802/29/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Seismograph Stations69902/29/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Earthquake Information and Data 70002/29/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Geologic Maps70103/02/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Satellite Imagery and Digital Aerial Photography70203/02/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: AGRC GIS Database for the State of Utah70303/02/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: U.S. Gravity and Magnetic Data70403/02/2016001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 9-1 Logs and Data from Roosevelt Hot Springs Area70503/03/20161161166.63 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 14-2 Logs and Data from Roosevelt Hot Spring Area70603/03/2016723196.02 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 52-21 Logs and Data: Roosevelt Hot Spring Area70703/03/2016416197.37 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 82-33 Logs and Data, Roosevelt Hot Spring Area70803/03/2016317174.2 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well Acord 1-26 Logs and Data: Roosevelt Hot Spring Area70903/03/2016215191.14 MBPublicly accessible
Temperature Contours around the Utah FORGE Site71103/15/201610475128.69 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: MT Stations and Raw Data71203/15/2016441298.3 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Faults, Fractures, and Lineaments in the Mineral Mountains71303/15/201632922.92 MBPublicly accessible
Heat Flow Contours and Well Data Around the Utah FORGE Site71403/15/2016723229.85 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Milford Site Location, Seismometer Locations, Basin Depth Models, and Potentiometric Contours71503/15/2016426460.46 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Milford Gravity Data Shapefile71703/21/20163151152.13 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Groundwater Data71803/22/201611745621.85 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Seismic and Other Shapefiles from the Roosevelt Hot Springs Area71903/22/2016057718.51 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Temperature Contours at 200 m72003/22/2016244719.09 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Milford Triaxial Test Data and Summary from EGI labs73203/25/2016221348102.63 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Milford Digitized Geophysical Logs from Acord 174703/31/2016171133.55 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Nevada Crustal Strain79404/22/2016002(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Site Earthquake Animation79504/22/201621611.14 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Preliminary Monitoring, Analyses, and Impact Assessment90702/09/201778039.97 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: TEM and Gravity Data 100202/05/201842831.62 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: X-Ray Diffraction Data100502/07/20181062396.91 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Logs and Data from Deep Well 58-32 (MU-ESW1) 100604/11/20184245461.74 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Deep Well 58-32 (MU-ESW1) Core Data100704/11/20181813156.34 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Observation Well Data100802/22/201821913.92 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Regional Well Locations100902/22/201831817.42 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: GIS Well Temperature Data 101202/28/2018317115.77 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: 2D and 3D Seismic Data101503/16/201837115820127.26 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Soil Helium R/RA Data102403/12/20182618.91 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Soil Carbon Dioxide Data102503/12/20180101160.02 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Stress Logging Data103203/14/20184621814.17 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Geology Map and GIS Data103403/15/20184552528.07 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Ground Motion Study Report103503/16/20181813.11 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Leapfrog 3D Geologic Movie103605/18/2018001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Final Topical Report 2018103803/21/2018823622173.06 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Earthquake Catalog103903/21/2018989266.71 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Rock Properties105204/07/201812171232.28 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Schlumberger FMI Logs DLIS and XML files107607/17/20181110732.4 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Area 0.5 m LiDAR Data108308/06/2018001(external link)Publicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Area LiDAR Bare Earth DEM Mosaic108408/07/201805516.86 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Pressure Temperature Logs from Blundell Well 71-10, Beaver County109510/08/2018116152.5 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Beaver Basin Wildcat Well Lu Lu State #1 Dip Meter and Neutron Density Logs109610/08/2018210139.11 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Milford Deep Test Well 58-32 (MU-ESW1) Pressure and Temperature Logs110111/21/201863011.23 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Earth Model Mesh Data for Selected Surfaces110712/07/201822147620.83 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Geologic, Topographic, and Other Related Maps and GIS Data from the Earth Model110812/07/2018171204964.98 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Injection Test Data110912/07/20182019723.71 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Roosevelt Hot Springs Analytical Well-Based Temperature Model Data111012/07/201862928.25 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well Data for Student Competition111112/09/2018564571233.96 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Area Terrain Slope Data111212/10/201811119.27 GBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Drilling Data for Student Competition111312/12/201810862604.64 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Wells Wow2 and Wow3 Groundwater Monitoring Data113806/19/20190122.95 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: North Milford Groundwater Geochemistry113906/19/2019002515.39 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 78-32 Capacity Test114006/19/2019433212.52 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Seismic Reflection Data114106/21/20198822844.95 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: GPS Data - Deformation Monitoring114306/24/20190192349.04 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: 3D Gravity Data114406/24/2019567211.24 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Stimulation Conference Paper and Data114606/25/201902121.8 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Stimulation Data114906/28/2019532411661.5 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Mineral Mountains West Fault System Report115007/01/2019432125.06 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Microseismic Events115107/02/2019171792262.54 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Drilling Data and Well Locations115307/01/2019423714151.73 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: InSAR Data115407/01/20197502478.35 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Earth Model Native State Simulation Results116007/17/2019126526.69 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Core Analyses116207/22/201918136124.23 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: High-Resolution DAS Microseismic Data from Well 78-32118511/13/20191313957.42 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Phase 2C Topical Report118712/11/2019463682147.81 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Data for 3-D Model Development - Lithology, Temperature, Pressure, and Stress120503/16/202025139225.73 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE: Microseismic Monitoring Geophone Data from Well 78-32120704/01/2020115254.64 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE 2019 ARMA Overview Slide Presentation 120903/24/202027171110.13 MBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE 58-32 Injection and Packer Performance, April and May 2019121003/25/202013941832.08 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE Seismic Activity: April, 2019121504/24/20204522.12 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE Well 16A(78)-32 Planned Trajectory121604/30/2020167313.58 kBPublicly accessible
Utah FORGE Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Data122206/24/2020006410.65 GBIn curation
81 Submissions8036933279169.74 GB