Utah FORGE: Drilling Data for Student Competition


Diagnostic drilling data (Pason log files) from Well 58-32 (previously labeled MU-ESW1), which was drilled near Milford Utah during Phase 2B of the FORGE Project to confirm geothermal reservoir characteristics met requirements for the final FORGE site. This dataset includes both raw, unprocessed drilling data recorded at 1Hz and a processed version downscaled to ~0.3m (1 ft) intervals.

Diagnostic drilling data were collected to obtain useful information regarding the nature of the subsurface materials and performance of the drilling rig and drilling bits, including rate of penetration (ROP), weight on bit, temperature, pump pressure, etc.

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DOE Project Name: FORGE
DOE Project Number: EE0007080
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1495411
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from December, 2018
Submitted Dec 12, 2018


Idaho National Laboratory



Publicly accessible License 


Robert Podgorney
Idaho National Laboratory
John McLennan
Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah
Joe Moore
Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah


geothermal, energy, FORGE, Utah, student competition, drilling, Pason, 58-32, EGS, Roosevelt Hot Springs, Milford, logs, subsurface, performance, rig, bits, materials, downscaled, MU-ESW1, ROP, pump pressure, WOB, weight on bit, rate of penetration, temperature, depth, TD, torque, flow, well, log, data, drill, phase 2b, resource, characterization, drilling data, well data, Utah FORGE, raw data, processed data


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