EGS Collab Experiment 1: Core Logs


Core logs from the EGS Collab project Experiment 1 for the stimulation (Injection) well (E1-I), the Production well (E1-P), and monitoring wells (E1-OT, E1-OB, E1-PST, E1-PSB, E1-PDT, and E1-PDB) on the 4850 Level of SURF (the Sanford Underground Research Facility), single PDF file, 5-ft run intervals. In the monitoring well IDs, "O" indicates that the well is orthogonal to the anticipated fracture plane, "P" indicates that the well is parallel to the anticipated fracture plane, "S" indicates a shallow well, "D" indicates a deep well, "T" refers to top, and "B" refers to bottom.

Logs include: experiment number; borehole ID; depth interval; run number; final packed core box number; scribe line (yes/no; red-on-right convention); logging dates; logger initials; as well as sketches of core foliation, folding, and fracturing with additional details and notes on other features of interest.

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DOE Project Name: EGS Collab
DOE Project Number: EE0032708
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1504480
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from April, 2019
Submitted Apr 2, 2019


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



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Patrick Dobson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jake Horner
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Megan Smith
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Joshua Feldman
Sandia National Laboratories
Patrick Dobson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Adam Foris
Sandia National Laboratory
William Roggenthen
South Dakota School of Mines Technology
Kate Condon
University of Wisconsin
Sterling Richard
South Dakota School of Mines Technology
Luke Frash
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dennis King
Sandia National Laboratories
Paul Schwering
Sandia National Laboratories
Mark White
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jeff Burghardt
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Shaun Brown
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University


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