Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study Numerical Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis using iTOUGH2 for West Virginia University


To reduce the geothermal exploration risk, a feasibility study is performed for a deep direct-use system proposed at the West Virginia University (WVU) Morgantown campus. This study applies numerical simulations to investigate reservoir impedance and thermal production. Because of the great depth of the geothermal reservoir, few data are available to characterize reservoir features and properties. As a result, the study focuses on the following three aspects: 1. model choice for predicting reservoir impedance and thermal breakthrough: after investigating three potential models (one single permeability model and two dual permeability models) for flow through fractured rock, it is decided to use single permeability model for further analysis; 2. well placement (horizontal vs. vertical) options: horizontal well placement seems to be more robust to heterogeneity and the impedance is more acceptable; 3. Prediction uncertainty: the most influential parameters are identified using a First-Order-Second-Moment uncertainty propagation analysis, and the uncertain range of the model predictions is estimated by performing a Monte Carlo simulation. Heterogeneity has a large impact on the perdition, therefore, is considered in the predictive model and uncertainty analysis. The numerical model results and uncertainty analysis are used for economic analysis. The dataset submitted here support the described study. Manuscript is submitted to Geothermics, will be linked once paper is accepted.

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DOE Project Name: Feasibility of Deep Direct Use Geothermal on the West Virginia University Campus-Morgantown, WV
DOE Project Number: EE0008105
DOE Project Lead: Arlene Anderson
DOI: 10.15121/1597110
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Data from December, 2019
Submitted Dec 20, 2019


West Virginia University



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Nagasree Garapati
West Virginia University
Yingqi Zhang
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Christine Doughty
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Pierre Jeanne
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


geothermal, WVU, Tuscarora, iTOUGH2, LBNL, Reservoir flow model, permeability, fracture, matrix, uncertainty analysis, Numerical Modeling, Monte Carlo, First-Order-Second-Moment uncertainty propagation analysis, feasibility, ddu, deep direct-use, morgantown, reservoir impedance, thermal production, resource potential, thermal breakthrough, permeability models, economic analysis, paper, geothermics, geothermal exploration risk, exploration risk, modeling, economic, direct use, west virginia university, tuscarora sandstone, flow model, uncertainty, analysis, simulation, flow


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