Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet tool for Deep Direct-Use Geothermal at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus


A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) spreadsheet tool was developed to analyze potential environmental benefits of a deep direct-use (DDU) geothermal energy system (GES) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of IL) campus. The LCA spreadsheet tool is a unique contribution to the feasibility study that provides further insight into the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts associated with the GES over the operating life time, as well as other DDU GES with similar objectives. The tool allows for a more in-depth analysis of the feasibility of DDU GES with respect to the overall environmental impacts. For the U of IL assessment, a doublet (two-well) system is evaluated, which is connected to aboveground mechanical system to supply heating to six agricultural research facilities. The additional of new equipment are assessed for the technical and economic feasibility. The results from this study will also allow geothermal resources from the entirety of the Illinois Basin (ILB) to be assessed and allow the DDU technology to be extended to additional areas of the ILB and other low-temperature sedimentary basins with similar characteristics.

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DOE Project Name: Geothermal Heat Recovery Complex: Large-Scale, Deep Direct-Use System in a Low-Temperature Sedimentary Basin
DOE Project Number: EE0008106
DOE Project Lead: Arlene Anderson
DOI: 10.15121/1601452
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Data from January, 2020
Submitted Feb 19, 2020


University of Illinois



Publicly accessible License 


James Tinjum
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lauren Thomas
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Franklin Holcomb
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ERDC-CERL


geothermal, energy, deep direct-use, ddu, Illinois Basin, sedimentary basin, low-temperature, agrcicultural research facilities, life cycle assessment, lca, spreadsheet tool, cradle-to-grave environmental impacts, feasibility, life cycle, assessment, environment, environmental, impact, benefit, tool, University of Illinois, Champagne Urbana


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