Utah FORGE: Well 16A(78)-32 Planned Trajectory


This submission includes an Excel spreadsheet containing the Utah FORGE deep well 16A(78)-32 planned trajectory including UTM coordinates, elevations, and depths from the well head to the toe. This proposed new injection well is expected to descend vertically to a depth of approximately 1810 m and then extend laterally at an angle to a MD of approximately 3290 m and a maximum vertical depth of approximately 2584 m. There is approximately 1500 m of basin fill at the well head, and less than that above the simulation region with the targeted reservoir region fully enclosed in granitoid basement. The last 60 m of the well will be open hole. Drilling is planned for October 2020.

Please direct questions to the Utah FORGE team: utahforge@utah.edu and check the Utah FORGE website: https://utahforge.com after October for more information.

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DOE Project Name: Utah FORGE
DOE Project Number: EE0007080
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1632156
Last Updated: a year ago
Data from March, 2020
Submitted Apr 30, 2020


Idaho National Laboratory



Publicly accessible License 


Rob Podgorney
Idaho National Laboratory
Greg Nash
Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah


geothermal, energy, well 16A78-32, Utah FORGE, FORGE, well 16A78-32 trajectory, 16A78-32 well plan, well data, trajectory, EGS, geospatial data, planned, depth, location, well location, 16A78-32, injection, injection test


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