EGS Collab Experiment 1: Accelerometer orientations


Document describing the methodology used to determine the accelerometers' three-component orientations at the first EGS Collab testbed using Continuous Active-Source Seismic Monitoring (CASSM) data and hodogram analysis.

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DOE Project Name: EGS Collab
DOE Project Number: EE0032708
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Data from August, 2020
Submitted Aug 19, 2020


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



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Chet Hopp
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lianjie Huang
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jiaxuan Li
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jonathan Ajo-Franklin
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Benxin Chi
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Martin Schoenball
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Timothy Kneafsey
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


geothermal, energy, EGS Collab, microseismic, sensor orientation, accelerometer, orientation, SURF, Sanford Underground Research Facility, hydraulic, fracturing, experiment, stimulation, meso-scale, mesoscale, crystalline rock, 3D sensor, Lead, South Dakota, STA/LTA triggering algorithm, microseismicity, Python, geospatial data, 3-C, CASSM data, hodogram analysis, principal component analysis, PCA, wellbore, well data, well geometry, bandpass filter, Continuous Active-Source Seismic Monitoring, CASSM, three-component


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