Snake River Plain Play Fairway Analysis: Phase 2 Report and Phase 3 Proposal


This report presents the results of Phase 2 of the Snake River Plain Play Fairway Analysis project, and a summary of proposed work for Phase 3. Phase 2 focused on new data collection in specific areas of interest identified in Phase 1. These data include new magnetotelluric, seismic, gravity, magnetic surveys, as well as structural and geologic mapping, Ar-Ar radiometric ages of young basaltic volcanoes, and chemical analyses of young volcanic rocks. New data also include chemical and isotopic analyses of water from springs and wells. Focus areas include the Mountain Home region, an area around the Bostic-1 thermal well, and Camas Prairie, Idaho.

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DOE Project Name: Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of the Snake River Plain, Idaho
DOE Project Number: EE0006733
DOE Project Lead: Mike Weathers
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Data from September, 2017
Submitted Aug 19, 2020


Utah State University



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John Shervais
Utah State University
James Evans
Utah State University
Dennis Newell
Utah State University
Jonathan Glen
United States Geological Survey
Drew Siler
United States Geological Survey
Jacob DeAngelo
United States Geological Survey
Patrick Dobson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Erika Gasperikova
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Eric Sonnenthal
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lee Libery
Boise State University
Dennis Nielson
DOSECC Exploration Services
Sabodh Garg
Leidos Inc.
Ghanashyam Neupane
Idaho National Laboratory
Neil Snyder
Noah Athens
United States Geological Survey
Erick Burns
United States Geological Survey


geothermal, energy, Play Fairway Analysis, Snake River Plain, Mountain Home, Camas Prairie, Bostic-1, thermal well, magnetotelluric, seismic, gravity, magnetic, structural, blind, resource, characterization, Idaho, geology, Ar-Ar, basaltic, volcano, volcanic rock, well data, thermal, geophysics, SRP, MT, PFA, modeling, Bostic, Hydrologic, water, chemistry, survey


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