Utah FORGE: Phase 3 Ground Water Level Monitoring Data


Groundwater data around the Utah FORGE site has been collected to determine the piezometric levels and compositional variability. Field measurements in 2020 are designed to obtain and survey new groundwater wells that have been drilled on the distal periphery of the Utah FORGE project area. The spreadsheet included in this submission contains ground water level data from the Utah FORGE site as monitored from wells WOW-2 and WOW-3. The well locations are also provided as UTM, Zone 12, NAD83 coordinates.

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DOE Project Name: Utah FORGE
DOE Project Number: EE0007080
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1776597
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Data from September, 2020
Submitted Sep 30, 2020


Utah geological Survey



Publicly accessible License 


Stefan Kirby
Utah geological Survey


geothermal, energy, ground water, ground water level, water level, Utah FORGE, FORGE, WOW-2, WOW-3, well data, temperature, corrected, water elevation, groundwater, Roosevelt Hot Springs, Milford, EGS, water table depth, monitoring


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