Utah FORGE: Phase 3 Microgravity Data


A 4D microgravity survey began in early 2019 in order to benchmark surface and subsurface elevations prior to Phase 3 drilling and stimulation campaigns. Microgravity stations are collocated with GPS deformation benchmarks and use the same location survey data. Surveys are undertaken on a quarterly basis. The focus of current activities is comparative analysis of GPS survey results and InSAR analysis (see GDR Submission 1251) to check seasonal variance and to evaluate possible changes in the groundwater elevation.

The attached zip file contains a text file and an Excel spreadsheet containing Utah FORGE Phase 3 processed "final" microgravity data through time. The data are identical in both files. The spreadsheet is only supplied for convenience. There is also a ReadMe.txt file that describes the field headings.

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DOE Project Name: Utah FORGE
DOE Project Number: EE0007080
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1776599
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Data from October, 2020
Submitted Oct 7, 2020


Utah Geological Survey



Publicly accessible License 


Christian Hardwick
Utah Geological Survey


geothermal, energy, Utah FORGE, FORGE microgravity, microgravity, Utah geothermal, EGS, Roosevelt Hot Springs, Milford, gps, processed data, geophysics


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