Hotspot Project: The Snake River Geothermal Drilling Project Initial Report


The Snake River volcanic province (SRP) overlies a thermal anomaly that extends deep into the mantle; it represents one of the highest heat flow provinces in North America. The primary goal of this project is to evaluate geothermal potential in three distinct settings: (1) Kimama site: inferred high sub-aquifer geothermal gradient associated with the intrusion of mafic magmas, (2) Kimberly site: a valley-margin setting where surface heat flow may be driven by the up-flow of hot fluids along buried caldera ring-fault complexes, and (3) Mountain Home site: a more traditional fault-bounded basin with thick sedimentary cover. In-depth studies continue at all three sites, complemented by high-resolution gravity, magnetic, and seismic surveys, and by downhole geophysical logging.

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: The Snake River Geothermal Drilling Project: Innovative Approaches to Geothermal Exploration
DOE Project Number: EE0002848
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from January, 2012
Submitted Oct 11, 2012


Utah State University


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John Shervais
Utah State University
James P. Evans
Utah State University
Thomas Lachmar
Utah State University
Marlon M. Jean
Utah State University
Katherine E. Potter
Utah State University
James A. Kessler
Utah State University
Thomas G. Freeman
Utah State University
Christopher J. Sant
Utah State University
Dennis Nielson
Christopher Delahunty
Eric H. Christiansen
Brigham Young University
Lisa Morgan
United States Geological Survey
W. C. Pat Shanks
United States Geological Survey
Lee M. Liberty
Boise State University
Douglas R. Schmitt
University of Alberta
David D. Blackwell
Southern Methodist University
Jonathan M. Glen
United States Geological Survey


geothermal, hotspot project, basalt, geophysical, kimama, kimberley, gravity, magnetic, seismic, logging, idaho, aquifer, snake river, volcanic province, plain, hotspot, exploration, rhyolite, drilling, downhole, lithology, lithologic log, stratigraphic column


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