DEEPEN Data Catalog for Magmatic Geothermal Systems in the United States


This data catalog contains information related to the Training Site Analysis for the Geothermica project "DE-risking Exploration of geothermal Plays in magmatic ENvironments (DEEPEN)." The DEEPEN project aims to reduce exploration risk for geothermal fluids in magmatic systems by developing improved an improved framework for interpretation of exploration data using the Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) methodology. The Training Site Analysis performed for DEEPEN leverages existing datasets to develop a customized PFA approach to exploration for multiple geothermal resource types in magmatic systems (conventional hydrothermal resources, supercritical fluid and superheated steam resources, and superhot EGS resources).

This data catalog contains links to publicly available data files related to 8 training sites in the United States. US training sites are: the Cascades/Aleutians PFA project; the Hawaii PFA project, the Oregon Cascades PFA project, the Snake River Plain, Idaho PFA project, the Washington State PFA project, Newberry Volcano, Coso Geothermal Field, and the Geysers Geothermal field. This database contains an overview of these training sites, data sources, and links to publicly available exploration datasets. For the five PFA projects, details on exploration data related to PFA components (heat, fluid, permeability, sometimes seal) are provided, including a summary of data weighting methodologies.

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DOE Project Name: DE-risking Exploration of geothermal Plays in magmatic ENvironments (DEEPEN)
DOE Project Number: 37178
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1828298
Last Updated: 12 days ago
Data from September, 2021
Submitted Sep 30, 2021


National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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Amanda Kolker
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Hannah Pauling
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nicole Taverna
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Karina Zyatitsky
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nils Caliandro
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


geothermal, energy, world volcanic centers, PFA, play fairway, DEEPEN, magmatic environments, exploration, data catalog, magmatic, Coso, Aleutians, Cascades, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Snake River Plain, SRP, Washington, Newberry, volcanic, volcano, Geysers, supercritical, characterization, geophysics, geology, geochemistry, temperature, well data, modeling, groundwater, remote sensing


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