May 2013 Green Machine Florida Canyon Hourly Data


Employing innovative product developments to demonstrate financial and technical viability of producing electricity from low temperature geothermal fluids, coproduced in a mining operation, by employing ElectraTherm's modular and mobile heat-to-power "micro geothermal" power plant with output capacity expected in the 30-70kWe range. The Green Machine is an Organic Rankine Cycle power plant. The Florida Canyon machine is powered by geothermal brine with air cooled condensing. The data provided is an hourly summary from May 2013

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DOE Project Name: Small Scale Electrical Power Generation from Heat Co-Produced in Geothermal Fluids: Mining Operation
DOE Project Number: EE0004435
DOE Project Lead: Tim Reinhardt
DOI: 10.15121/1148838
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from May, 2013
Submitted Jun 18, 2013


ElectraTherm, Inc.



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Alex Vanderhoff
ElectraTherm, Inc.


geothermal, ElectraTherm, ORC, power, green machine, micro geothermal power plant, organic rankine cycle, low temperature, Florida Canyon, hourly data, coproduced, micro geothermal, operation, production, small scale, data


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