Helium isotope study of Geothermal Features in Chile with Field and Laboratory Data

Helium isotope and stable isotope data from the El Tatio, Tinginguirica, Chillan, and Tolhuaca geothermal systems, Chile. Data from this submission are discussed in:
Dobson, P.F., Kennedy, B.M., Reich, M., Sanchez, P., and Morata, D. (2013) Effects of volcanism, crustal thickness, and large scale faulting on the He isotope signatures of geothermal systems in Chile. Proceedings, 38th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Feb. 11-13, 2013 (linked below).
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DOE Project Number: FY13 AOP 2.2
DOE Project Lead: Eric Hass
DOI: 10.15121/1148806
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from February, 2013
Submitted Oct 11, 2013

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory




Patrick F. Dobson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
B. Mack Kennedy
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Martin Reich
Universidad de Chile
Pablo Sanchez
Universidad de Chile
Diego Morata
Universidad de Chile


geothermal, helium isotopes, stable isotopes, Chillan, El Tatio, Tolhuaca, Tinginguirica, Chile, He isotopes, field measurements, hot spring samples, fumarole samples, geochemistry


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