Newberry EGS Seismic Velocity Model


We use ambient noise correlation (ANC) to create a detailed image of the subsurface seismic velocity at the Newberry EGS site down to 5 km. We collected continuous data for the 22 stations in the Newberry network, together with 12 additional stations from the nearby CC, UO and UW networks. The data were instrument corrected, whitened and converted to single bit traces before cross correlation according to the methodology in Benson (2007). There are 231 unique paths connecting the 22 stations of the Newberry network. The additional networks extended that to 402 unique paths crossing beneath the Newberry site.

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DOE Project Number: FY13 AOP 25728
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1148781
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Data from October, 2013
Submitted Feb 5, 2014


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



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geothermal, EGS, velocity, reservoir, seismic velocity, cross-correlation, model, geophysics, Newberry


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