Project HOTSPOT: Kimama Well Core and Drill Site Photos

The Snake River Plain (SRP), Idaho, hosts potential geothermal resources due to elevated groundwater temperatures associated with the thermal anomaly Yellowstone-Snake River hotspot. Project HOTSPOT has coordinated international institutions and organizations to understand subsurface stratigraphy and assess geothermal potential. Over 5.9km of core were drilled from three boreholes within the SRP in an attempt to acquire continuous core documenting the volcanic and sedimentary record of the hotspot: (1) Kimama, (2) Kimberly, and (3) Mountain Home. The Kimama drill site was set up to acquire a continuous record of basaltic volcanism along the central volcanic axis and to test the extent of geothermal resources beneath the Snake River aquifer. This submission includes photos of the core samples taken from the Kimberly drill hole.
Data submitted by project collaborator Doug Schmitt, University of Alberta

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: The Snake River Geothermal Drilling Project: Innovative Approaches to Geothermal Exploration
DOE Project Number: EE0002848
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
DOI: 10.15121/1148775
Last Updated: a month ago
Data from January, 2011
Submitted Feb 7, 2014

Utah State University




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geothermal, Project HOTSPOT, Yellowstone Hotspot, borehole geophysics, Idaho, Snake River Plain, Kimama, photos, SRP, continuous volcanism, downhole geophysics, photo core log, core sample, drilling, core, well data


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