Memos Relating to High-Priority Geothermal Targets in Colorado Selected for Further Study - Flint Geothermal 2012


This dataset contains several memos describing geothermal targets outlined by Flint personnel in Colorado. Phase 1 involved an ASTER and LANDSAT thermal infrared imagery assessment conducted by CIRES of the University of Colorado, which identified areas of warm ground that might indicate geothermal heating. CIRES used the thermal ground anomalies, together with other GIS layers, to come up with a set of areas ("polygons") having high geothermal potential.

This was followed by a "ground truthing" or site assessment by Geothermal Development Associates of Reno Nevada, during the summer and fall of 2011. Of the many areas targeted and visited, several stood out for their overall geothermal potential.

In the first memo, "Colorado Targets", GDA's Richard "Rick" Zehner describes the geothermal geology of the following properties, which were deemed to have the highest geothermal potential:
1. Routt (aka Strawberry Park) Hot Springs in Routt County;
2. Rico area, Delores County;
3. Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County;
4. San Luis Valley, Alamosa and Conejos Counties;
5. Lemon Hot Springs, San Miguel County

The second memo, "Comments on Rick's Report", from CIRES investigators, is a critical evaluation of Zehner's memo, in relation to CIRES' satellite thermal anomaly maps.

The third memo, "Penrose Area" is a detailed description of preliminary investigations into the geothermal potential of that area in Fremont County.

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: Use Remote Sensing Data (selected visible and infrared spectrums) to locate high temp ground anomalies in Colorado.Confirm heat flow potential w/ on-site temp surveys to drill deep resource wells
DOE Project Number: EE0002828
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
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Data from February, 2014
Submitted Feb 28, 2014


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geothermal, Colorado, Remote sensing, Ground truth, ASTER, Thermal infrared, Routt Hot Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Rico, Pagosa Springs, Lemon Hot Springs, San Luis Valley, Penrose, Fremont County, Canon City


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