3D Model of the San Emidio Geothermal Area

The San Emidio geothermal system is characterized by a left-step in a west-dipping normal fault system that bounds the western side of the Lake Range. The 3D geologic model consists of 5 geologic units and 55 faults. Overlying Jurrassic-Triassic metasedimentary basement is a ~500 m-1000 m thick section of the Miocene lower Pyramid sequence, pre- syn-extensional Quaternary sedimentary rocks and post-extensional Quaternary rocks. 15-30 degrees eastward dip of the stratigraphy is controlled by the predominant west-dipping fault set. Both geothermal production and injection are concentrated north of the step over in an area of closely spaced west dipping normal faults.
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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS-Candidate and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs in the Great Basin: Developing Successful Exploration Strategies in Extended Terranes
DOE Project Number: EE0002748
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
DOI: 10.15121/1136724
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from December, 2013
Submitted Mar 21, 2014

University of Nevada




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geothermal, San Emidio Geothermal Area, 3D Model, San Emidio, faulting, stratigraphy, stratigraphic units, faults, cross-section, cross section, geology, geologic units, geologic contact


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