Geologic Map and Cross Sections of the McGinness Hills Geothermal Area - GIS Data


Geologic map data in shapefile format that includes faults, unit contacts, unit polygons, attitudes of strata and faults, and surficial geothermal features.

5 cross-sections in Adobe Illustrator format.

Comprehensive catalogue of drill-hole data in spreadsheet, shapefile, and Geosoft database formats. Includes XYZ locations of well heads, year drilled, type of well, operator, total depths, well path data (deviations), lithology logs, and temperature data.

3D model constructed with EarthVision using geologic map data, cross-sections, drill-hole data, and geophysics.

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS-Candidate and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs in the Great Basin: Developing Successful Exploration Strategies in Extended Terranes
DOE Project Number: EE0002748
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
DOI: 10.15121/1136715
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from December, 2013
Submitted Mar 23, 2014


University of Nevada



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geothermal, McGinness Hills Geothermal Area, Basin and Range, Geologic Map, Great Basin, Structural Controls, Geologic Cross-Sections, GIS data, geospatial data, Geoogic Cross-sections, Nevada, shapefiles, Illustrator files, Geosoft data, vector data, 3D model, cross-section, geology, stratigraphy, shapefile, shape file, faults, faulting, unit contacts, geologic contact, geologic unit, stratigraphic unit, strata, unit polygon, surficial geothermal features, drill-hole data, well data, well locations, lithology log, lithology, temperature data, temperature, EarthVision, geophysics, geosoft


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