Hawaii Island Groundwater Flow Model

Groundwater flow model for Hawaii Island. Data is from the following sources:

Whittier, R.B., K. Rotzoll, S. Dhal, A.I. El-Kadi, C. Ray, G. Chen, and D. Chang. 2004. Hawaii Source Water Assessment Program Report - Volume II - Island of Hawaii Source Water Assessment Program Report. Prepared for the Hawaii Department of Health, Safe Drinking Water Branch. University of Hawaii, Water Resources Research Center. Updated 2008; and

Whittier, R. and A.I. El-Kadi. 2014. Human and Environmental Risk Ranking of Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems For the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii - Final. Prepared by the University of Hawaii, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics for the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health, Safe Drinking Water Branch. September 2014.

- Originated 01/01/2015 by University of Hawaii.

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 Groundwater Flow Velocities.xlsx12943015dataGroundwater flow model for Hawaii island. The data is in Excel format.


geothermal groundwater flow model Hawaii Island Hawaii groundwater water table aquifer water velocity velocities flow model PFA


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University of Hawaii

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