West Flank Coso FORGE: Indian Wells Valley Aeromagnetic Data


Aeromagnetic data was collected over the Indian Wells Valley, CA in November 1994. It consisted of 9,033 line-kilometers covering ~4,150 square kilometers, flown at a 250 meter drape with principal line spacing of 0.54 kilometers and 10% cross-lines. The principal orientation is N65E.

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DOE Project Name: Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy: West Flank of Coso, California
DOE Project Number: EE0007156
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
DOI: 10.15121/1254472
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from November, 1994
Submitted Oct 16, 2015


Sandia National Laboratories


Publicly accessible License 


Allan M. Katzenstein
Geothermal Program Office
Francis C. Monastero
Geothermal Program Office
Robert C. Jachens
United States Geological Survey


geothermal, geophysics, Indian Wells Valley, Coso Geothermal Field, California, FORGE, geophysical survey, aeromagnetic, survey, magnetic, magnetics, Coso, West Flank


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