HT Flash and Tantalum Capacitor Report

Pushing the boundaries with geothermal tool development can often necessitate exceeding manufacturer specifications for temperature and pressure of individual circuit components. Detailed here are the efforts surrounding geothermal temperature characterization of commercially available HT-Flash memory modules made by Texas Instruments (SM28VLT32-HT) and preliminary results of 3 commercial solid tantalum capacitors. Flash evaluation boards were modified for high temperature application and read, write and erase functionality were tracked as well as prolonged data retention at various temperatures well beyond datasheet specifications.
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DOE Project Name: Evaluation of High Temperature Components for Use in Geothermal Tools
DOE Project Number: FY15 AOP
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Boyd
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from October, 2015
Submitted Oct 28, 2015

Sandia National Laboratories




Avery Cashion
Sandia National Laboratories
Grzegorz Cieslewski
Sandia National Laboratories


geothermal, component testing, HT components, Geothermal Tools, Components, Electronics, high-temperature, high-temp, high temp, tool development, flash memory, flash, tantalum, capacitor, HT, downhole, temperature, pressure, specifications, limitations, technology, manufacturer


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