Snake River Plain Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis Heat, Permeability, and Seal CRS Map Raster Files


Snake River Plain Play Fairway Analysis - Phase 1 CRS Raster Files.
This dataset contains raster files created in ArcGIS. These raster images depict Common Risk Segment (CRS) maps for HEAT, PERMEABILITY, AND SEAL, as well as selected maps of Evidence Layers. These evidence layers consist of either Bayesian krige functions or kernel density functions, and include:
(1) HEAT: Heat flow (Bayesian krige map), Heat flow standard error on the krige function (data confidence), volcanic vent distribution as function of age and size, groundwater temperature (equivalue interval and natural breaks bins), and groundwater T standard error.
(2) PERMEABILTY: Fault and lineament maps, both as mapped and as kernel density functions, processed for both dilational tendency (TD) and slip tendency (ST), along with data confidence maps for each data type. Data types include mapped surface faults from USGS and Idaho Geological Survey data bases, as well as unpublished mapping; lineations derived from maximum gradients in magnetic, deep gravity, and intermediate depth gravity anomalies.
(3) SEAL: Seal maps based on presence and thickness of lacustrine sediments and base of SRP aquifer.
Raster size is 2 km. All files generated in ArcGIS.

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DOE Project Name: Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of the Snake River Plain, Idaho
DOE Project Number: EE0006733
DOE Project Lead: Holly Thomas
DOI: 10.15121/1254474
Last Updated: a year ago
Data from October, 2015
Submitted Mar 25, 2016


Utah State University



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John Shervais
Utah State University


geothermal, Snake River Plain, Idaho, Play Fairway Analysis, pfa, groundwater temperature, resource assessment, site characterization, heat, permeability, seal, gravity, magnetic, dilation tendancy, faulting, faults, heat source, vent, sediment, slip tendancy, aquifer, srp


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