Brady's Geothermal Field - Map of DAS, Nodal, Vibroseis and Reftek Station Deployment

Map of DAS, nodal, vibroseis and Reftek stations during March 2016 deployment. The plot on the left has nodal stations labeled; the plot on the right has vibroseis observations labeled. Stations are shown in map-view using Brady's rotated X-Y coordinates with side plots denoting elevation with respect to the WGS84 ellipsoid. Blue circles denote vibroseis data, x symbols denote DAS (cyan for horizontal and magenta for vertical), black asterisks denote Reftek data, and red plus signs denote nodal data. This map can be found on UW-Madison's askja server at /PoroTomo/DATA/MAPS/Deployment_Stations.pdf
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DOE Project Name: PoroTomo Project
DOE Project Number: EE0006760
DOE Project Lead: Elisabet Metcalfe
DOI: 10.15121/1368198
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from October, 2016
Submitted Oct 19, 2016

University of Wisconsin



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geothermal, map, deployment, Brady Geothermal Field, EGS, porotomo, seismic stations, DAS, Distributed Acoustic Sensing, nodal, seismometer, vibroseis, Reftek, stations, brady, bradys hot springs, active source, passive source, detection, monitoring, seismic, geophysics, borehole, surface, array, downhole, observation locations


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