Appalachian Basin Play Fairway Analysis: Natural Sedimentary Reservoirs Data 2016 Revision


Tier 3 data for Appalachian Basin sectors of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia used in a Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of opportunities for low-temperature direct-use applications of heat. It accompanies data and materials submitted as Geothermal Data Repository Submission "Natural Reservoir Analysis 2016 GPFA-AB" (linked below). Reservoir information are derived from oil and gas exploration and production data sets, or derived from those data based on further analysis. Data reported here encompass locations (horizontal and depth), geologic formation names, lithology, reservoir volume, porosity and permeability, and derived approximations of the quality of the reservoir.

These differ from the linked 2015 data submission in that this file presents data for New York that are comparable to those in the other two states. In contrast, the 2015 data available measured differing attributes across the state boundaries.

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DOE Project Name: Low Temperature Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis for the Appalachian Basin
DOE Project Number: EE0006726
DOE Project Lead: Holly Thomas
DOI: 10.15121/1495428
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Data from December, 2016
Submitted Dec 9, 2016


Cornell University



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Teresa E. Jordan
Cornell University


geothermal, Appalachian Basin, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, district heating, deep direct use, low-temperature, reservoir, productivity, favorability, reservoir productivity index, reservoir flow capacity, RPI, RFC, GPFA-AB, Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis, content model, geologic, natural, low temp, sedimentary, characterization, utilization, location, formation, lithology, volume, porosity, permeability, quality, assessment, resource, low temperature


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