Harsh Environment Sensors for Geothermal Applications


Technical papers detailing the development of harsh environment sensors for geothermal applications. Principle Investigator is Prof. Albert P. Pisano (University of California, Berkeley). Submission includes a paper about geothermal environmental exposure testing on encapsulant and device materials in addition to a paper pertaining to MEMS Sensors for downhole monitoring of geothermal systems.

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Sensor Technology for Geothermal Instrumentation
DOE Project Number: EE0002753
DOE Project Lead: Greg Stillman
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from January, 2012
Submitted Mar 29, 2012


Regents of the University University of California


Publicly accessible License 


Debbie G. Senesky
University of California Berkeley
Sarah Wodin-Schwartz
University of California Berkeley
Matthew W. Chan
University of California Berkeley
Kirti Ramesh Mansukhani
University of California Berkeley
Albert P. Pisano
University of California Berkeley
J. C. Cheng
University of California Berkeley
J. E. Hammer
University of Hawaii at Manoa


geothermal, harsh environment, sensor, pressure, temperature, silicon carbide, sapphire, aluminum nitride, down-hole, logging, monitoring, mems, encapsulation, exposure, environmental exposure, downhole, mass change, sputter xps, chemical analysis, microelectromechanical


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