Update on Geothermal Direct-Use Installations in the United States


An updated database of geothermal direct-use systems in the U.S. has been compiled and analyzed, building upon the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) Geo-Heat Center direct-use database. Types of direct-use applications examined include hot springs resorts and pools, aquaculture farms, greenhouses, and district heating systems, among others; power-generating facilities and ground-source heat pumps were excluded. Where possible, the current operation status, open and close dates, well data, and other technical data were obtained for each entry. The database contains 545 installations, of which 407 are open, 108 are closed, and 30 have an unknown status.
A report is also included which details and analyzes current geothermal direct-use installations and barriers to further implementation.

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DOE Project Name: Geothermal Vision Study - Direct Use
DOE Project Number: FY17 AOP 4683
DOE Project Lead: Arlene Anderson
DOI: 10.15121/1441455
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from March, 2017
Submitted Mar 2, 2017


National Renewable Energy Laboratory



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Koenraad F. Beckers
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Diana M. Snyder
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Katherine R. Young
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


geothermal, energy, direct-use, thermal applications, installations, market, barriers, United States, U.S., Geo-Heat Center direct-use database, status


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