High-Temperature Self-Healing Geothermal Cement Composites


A presentation with notes showing an overview of the last 6 months of the project on high-temperature self-healing inorganic cement composites. General approach, test methods and results for the self-healing cement composites are presented. Data include strength recoveries for 9 cement composites in three curing environments (water, alkali carbonate, brine) at 300 degC, bond strength measurements for cement/carbon steel samples, thermal shock tests, performance of healing aids. The presentation was shown during the joint SPE/GRC workshop on March 22 in San Diego, California

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DOE Project Name: Self-healing and Re-Adhering Cements with Improved Toughness at Casing and Formation Interfaces for Geothermal Wells
DOE Project Number: FY17 AOP 3216
DOE Project Lead: Eric Hass
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from March, 2017
Submitted Apr 19, 2017


Brookhaven National Laboratory



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Tatiana Pyatina
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Toshifumi Sugama
Brookhaven National Laboratory


geothermal, energy, cement composites, self-healing, high temperature, strength recovery, crack, fracture, sealing, bonding recovery, cement, technology, integrity, wellbore, interface


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