PoroTomo: Brady Geothermal Field InSAR Data


Included are links to compressed InSAR pairs covering Brady Geothermal Field for TerraSAR-X (tracks 53, 91, and 167) and Sentinel-1A data. Pairs from the PoroTomo deployment period and pairs forming a minimum spanning tree according to perpendicular baseline are included for TerraSAR-X data. The digital elevation model used in the pair formations is included as well as text files containing unit vectors pointing from the ground to the satellite for each pair. The data is publicly accessible at the link "All InSAR Data" below.

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DOE Project Name: PoroTomo Project
DOE Project Number: EE0006760
DOE Project Lead: Elisabet Metcalfe
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from July, 2017
Submitted Jul 13, 2017


University of Wisconsin


Publicly accessible License 


Elena Reinisch
University of Wisconsin


geothermal, energy, InSAR, PoroTomo, Brady Hot Springs, Brady Geothermal Field, Nevada, TerraSAR-X, TSX, Sentinel-1A, S1A, land subsidence, Brady, digital elevation model


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