Rare Earth Desorption Test with Citrate and Bicarbonate

LBT (lanthanide binding tag) cells were grown overnight in LB media with 0.05% Amp. 1:100 subculture taken from overnights, grown for 2 hours. LBT was induced with 0.002% arabinose added for 3 hours. REE adsorption was done by combining 350 ul (0.25% 1M MES, 12.5 uM Tb, and 12.5 uM La or Cu in sterile DI water) and 350 ul (LBT cells with OD = 1 in 10 mM MES), reacted for approx. 30 min.

Following adsorption, citrate and bicarbonate solutions were used in desorption to recover rare earth from cell surface, and to further separate REE from non-REEs. The samples were then centrifuged and a fraction of the supernatant was collected for ICP-MS analysis.
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DOE Project Name: Extraction of Rare Earth Metals from Geothermal Fluids using Bioengineered Microbes
DOE Project Number: LLNL FY17 AOP
DOE Project Lead: Holly Thomas
DOI: 10.15121/1452718
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from June, 2017
Submitted Sep 5, 2017

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory




Yongqin Jiao
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Aaron Brewer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dan Park
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


geothermal, energy, adsorption, desorption, rare earth, citrate, bicarbonate, REE, resource recovery, centrifuge, brine, lbt, lanthanide binding tag


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