Chemical, Calcium Phosphate Cements for Geothermal Wells - Corrosion Protection, Bond Strength and Matrix Self-Healing


The data set shows performance of economical calcium phosphate cement (Fondu) blended with fly ash, class F (FAF) in carbon steel corrosion protection tests (corrosion rate, corrosion current and potential), bond- and matrix strength, as well as matrix strength recovery after imposed damage at 300C. The corrosion protection and lap-shear bond strength data are given for different Fondu/FAF ratios, the matrix strength data recoveries are reported for 60/40 weight % Fondu/FAF ratios. Effect of sodium phosphate on bond strength, corrosion protection and self-healing is demonstrated.

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DOE Project Name: Self-healing and Re-Adhering Cements with Improved Toughness at Casing and Formation Interfaces for Geothermal Wells
DOE Project Number: FY17 AOP 3216
DOE Project Lead: Eric Hass
DOI: 10.15121/1409668
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Data from September, 2017
Submitted Sep 27, 2017


Brookhaven National Laboratory



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Toshifumi Sugama
Brookhaven National Laboratory


geothermal, energy, carbon steel corrosion, corrosion rate, self-healing, high temperature, high temp, high-temp, casing, experiment, wellbore, integrity, corrosion protection, composite


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