Microhole Tubing Bending Report

A downhole tubing bending study was made and is reported herein. It contains a report and 2 excel spreadsheets to calculate tubing bending and to estimate contact points of the tubing to the drilled hole wall (creating a new support point).
- Originated 01/01/2012 by Impact Technologies LLC.

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 Final Report.pdf0image_documentReport from NOV CTES on downhole pipe bending forces study
 Large Deflection Beam Model V3.xls0otherExcel spreadsheet on estimating pipe bending using large deflection model
 Pipe to Hole Contact Model V3.xls0otherExcel spreadsheet to estimate contact point between drill tube and hole wall


geothermal tubing drill pipe drilling microhole microbore tubing bending


•  MAY  • 7 2012

Impact Technologies LLC



  • Colin Ruan, National Oilwell Varco


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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EE0002783 Recovery Act: Microhole Arrays Drilled With Advanced Abrasive Slurry Jet Technology To Efficiently Exploit Enhanced Geothermal Systems

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