Hawthorne Nevada Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study - References, Reports, Literature


The objective of this project is to use a multi-disciplinary, three-tiered approach to assess the geothermal resource and determine the feasibility of implementing a large-scale, direct-use facility for the Hawthorne Army Depot (HAD) and the various town and county facilities in Hawthorne, Nevada. This assessment directly targets a geothermal resource recently characterized by the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO) as part of a focused exploration and development campaign.

Data includes: Zip folder containing information from Bjornstad. Includes isotope, temperature, water, well, and reports from 2002; Zip folder contains PDF and power point files of references for the Hawthorne Geothermal project; Zip folder containing PDF files of the literature cited in the proposal.

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DOE Project Name: Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study for the Hawthorne Nevada Army Depot and Surrounding Community
DOE Project Number: FY18 AOP 2182
DOE Project Lead: Arlene Anderson
DOI: 10.15121/1458550
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from March, 2018
Submitted Mar 29, 2018


Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology



Publicly accessible License 


Thomas Lowry
Sandia National Laboratories


geothermal, energy, Nevada, direct use, deep direct use, wells, geochemistry, geophysics, reservoir modeling, Quaternary faults, Hawthorne Army Weapons Depot, ddu, Hawthorne, el capitan, drilling, well data, drilling data


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