WISE-CASING: DC Simulation at Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI), Calgary, Canada


For the model calculation we applied EM3D using completion diagram of CaMI site and a background resistivity consistent with the borehole logs. It was also important to use the accurate position of the return electrode. We note that for the data fit the code also incorporated well casings for well INJ and the other observation well, either OB1 or OB2, in the calculation.

In summary, we demonstrate here, for this particular case, that the DC results may be a reasonable approximation to the low frequency EM data collected at CaMI. If this approximation continues to hold, then the extreme computational efficiency offered by the hierarchical modeling used in the DC simulations will permit us to explore far more model complexity, especially the pervasive and troublesome data artifacts that arise when doing EM surveys in mature, culturally developed sites.

In Brief, both the low frequency and DC simulation codes provided very consistent results that match the field data really well, indicating their capability to help monitoring borehole integrity with the low frequency EM method.

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DOE Project Name: Wellbore Integrity asSEssment with Casing-based Advanced SenSING (WISE-CASING)
DOE Project Number: EE0033208
DOE Project Lead: Mike Weathers
DOI: 10.15121/1560531
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from April, 2019
Submitted Aug 26, 2019


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



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Jiannan Wang
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Michael Wilt
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


geothermal, energy, EM, EM3D, CaMI, Borehole logs, DC model, Sandia, simulation, field data, electrostatic rsponse, electric fields, hierarchical modeling, low frequency EM method, validation, WISE-CASING, containment and monitoring institute, CMC, numerical, FEM, field, data, FDEM, simulated, modeling, modelling, Canada, low frequency, frequency domain, geophysics, borehole, corrosion, integrity, wellbore, well, potential field, excitation, 5 hz, electromagnetic, casing, electric field, forward, experiment


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