McGee Mountain Geoprobe Study, Humboldt County, Nevada


Geoprobes were developed by the environmental industry to collect water, gas and soil samples from contaminated sites at shallow depths (10-40 meters), with a minimum of environmental disturbance. A modified Geoprobe was used to collect bottom hole temperatures, and attempt to collect geothermal water samples, at the McGee Mountain geothermal property in Humboldt County, Nevada. A total of 23 holes were probed in five days for a cumulative total of 857.5 ft. at 21 sites at the project area. The probed holes ranged in depth from a maximum of 75ft to a minimum of 10ft and averaged 37.3ft. The average temperature of the 23 holes was 18.9 degrees C, corrected(from an average of 23.8 degrees C, uncorrected) with a range of 42.0 degrees C (site MMTG#19) for a maximum and 12.0 degrees C, corrected (site MMTG#1b). Since the water table was not encountered in any hole, no down-hole water samples were collected. However, water sampling was conducted at nearby springs and wells. PDF file, 15 MB file size.

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DOE Project Name: Recovery Act: Effectiveness of Shallow Temperature Surveys to Target a Geothermal Reservoir at Previously Explored Site at McGee Mountain, Nevada
DOE Project Number: EE0002830
DOE Project Lead: Mark Ziegenbein
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from June, 2010
Submitted Aug 29, 2012


Geothermal Technical Partners, Inc.


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Kenneth N. Tullar
Pediment Gold LLC


geothermal, geoprobe, water sampling, temperature gradient, temperature, shallow temperature survey, mcgee mountain, humboldt county, nevada


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