Geothermal Exploration of Newberry Volcano, Oregon Summary Report

Abstract: Davenport Newberry (Davenport) has completed 8 years of exploration for geothermal energy on Newberry Volcano in central Oregon. Two deep exploration test wells were drilled by Davenport on the west flank of the volcano, one intersected a hydrothermal system; the other intersected isolated fractures with no hydrothermal interconnection. Both holes have bottom-hole temperatures near or above 315 deg C (600 deg F). Subsequent to deep test drilling an expanded exploration and evaluation program was initiated. These efforts have included reprocessing existing data, executing multiple geological, geophysical, geochemical programs, deep exploration test well drilling and shallow well drilling. The efforts over the last three years have been made possible through the DOE's facilitation of innovative geothermal exploration techniques. The combined results of the last 8 years have led to a better understanding of the history and complexity of Newberry Volcano and improved the design and interpretation of geophysical exploration techniques with regard to blind geothermal resources in volcanic terrain.
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DOE Project Name: DOE Innovative Exploration Technology (IET) Grant 109 program supporting geothermal exploration of Newberry Volcano, Oregon
DOE Project Number: EE0002833
DOE Project Lead: Eric Hass
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Data from January, 2015
Submitted Apr 14, 2015

Southern Methodist University




Albert F. Waibel
Columbia Geoscience
Zachary S. Frone
Southern Methodist University
David D. Blackwell
Southern Methodist University


geothermal, Newberry, Newberry Volcano, Davenport, AltaRock, exploration, drilling, investigation, site, structural, blind geothermal system, volcanic, terrain, Oregon, IET


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