Walker Ranch 3D Seismic Images

Amplitude images (both vertical and depth slices) extracted from 3D seismic reflection survey over area of Walker Ranch area (adjacent to Raft River). Crossline spacing of 660 feet and inline of 165 feet using a Vibroseis source. Processing included depth migration. Micro-earthquake hypocenters on images. Stratigraphic information and nearby well tracks added to images. Images are embedded in a Microsoft Word document with additional information. Exact location and depth restricted for proprietary reasons. Data collection and processing funded by Agua Caliente. Original data remains property of Agua Caliente.
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DOE Project Name: Identifying High Potential Well Targets with 3D Seismic and Mineralogy
DOE Project Number: FY16 AOP
DOE Project Lead: Eric Hass
DOI: 10.15121/1287545
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from March, 2016
Submitted Jul 16, 2016

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory




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geothermal, 3D seismic reflection, Walker Ranch, Raft River, 3D seismic, depth slice, Narrows, meq, microseismicity, geophysics, egs, narrows zone, active source


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