Wister, CA Downhole and Seismic Data


This submission contains Downhole geophysical logs associated with Wister, CA Wells 12-27 and 85-20. The logs include Spontaneous Potential (SP), HILT Caliper (HCAL), Gamma Ray (GR), Array Induction (AIT), and Neutron Porosity (NPOR) data. Also included are a well log, Injection Test, Pressure Temperature Spinner log, shut in temperature survey, a final well schematic, and files about the well's location and drilling history. This submission also contains data from a three-dimensional (3D) multi-component (3C) seismic reflection survey on the Wister Geothermal prospect area in the northern portion of the Imperial Valley, California. The Wister seismic survey area was 13.2 square miles.

(Resistivity image logs (Schlumberger FMI) in 85-20 indicate that maximum horizontal stress (Shmax) is oriented NNE but that open fractures are oriented suboptimally).

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DOE Project Name: Conducting a 3D Converted Shear Wave Project to Reduce Exploration Risk at Wister, CA
DOE Project Number: EE0002838
DOE Project Lead: Mike Weathers
DOI: 10.15121/1441453
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from December, 2010
Submitted Feb 3, 2017


Ormat Nevada Inc


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John Akerley
Ormat Nevada Inc


geothermal, Wister, California, Drilling, Well Data, Pressure, Temperature, Spinner, PTS, geophysics, downhole, well log, injection test, 12-27, borehole, lithology, mineral composition, mud log, gas analysis, Imperial County, spontaneous potential, SP, gamma ray, GR, neutron porosity, NPOR, Array Induction, AIT, Imperial Valley, resistivity, 85-20, circulation, 3D Seismic, Seismic, geophysical survey, reflection, P-Wave, multi-component, 3C, Kirchhoff Pre Stack, refraction, shear wave, exploration, risk reduction


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